Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is an excellent improvement of its predecessor; this game can be enjoyed by almost anyone, shoo

SWBF 2 is an excellent game in every way possible; though there was still room for improvement most people will find this game highly enjoyable, especially people who have Xbox Live.

Gameplay: The SWBF2 gameplay engine is one of the best to date, the controls are simple if you are a natural Xbox player, the game is easy to get in to and has much depth and variety into the different types of gameplay.

Graphics: This game also had excellent graphics, the worlds were beautifully designed and vehicles looked great as well, this game would have scored a perfect in the graphics department if some of the NPCs weren’t a little jerky at times, also in certain levels your enemies are hard to spot adding more difficulty, that’s a compliment.

Sound: This game has the best sound effects in a game since Halo 2, the sound was so well done in this game my jaws dropped when I started playing it, the game had excellent voiceovers, and the best blaster shots, they sounded identical to the movies, the only thing I didn’t care too much for is the guy who talked to you in battle he got repetitive and annoying after a while.

Value: This game has high replay value multiplayer or not, doing all the missions from different perspectives, Rise of the Empire story mode, and Galactic Conquest, made this game fun to play and even better if you have Xbox Live.

Overall SWBF2 is a success and a very enjoyable game, I highly recommend SWBF2.