Great exploration, fire fighting and story. Just needs more things to do.

I loved game. Bethesda makes another winner, but like most others, you have some much to see, but so little variation on what to do. It had it's quests and what not, but for my own standards, it needed more. Maybe more factions or side gang you could join and fiddle around with, like the Thieves guild or Assasins guild in Oblivion. Just a little extra doodads would have sufficed. Besides that minor imperfection, and I mean minor, This was a well developed game. Large landscape, mutiple sites to see, and many, many different 'dungeons' to explore. Even racking up achiements was alot easier to rack up then other games with their 'beat game on medium/hard/INSANE!!!' achievments. Some games don't have enough replay to so such feats. Fallout does. The difference between good and evil is quite noticable. Like deciding if you will live in one town, or wipe out all inhabitants and then blow it up.

Final thought. Great game, but needs a doodad.