All about multiplayer, the best game on 360 to date!!

Just look at the game, player models are so realistic, enviroments a little repetitive but who really cares when the whole game u are thinking of staying alive instead of saying "the enviroments look the same". also in the graphics department is the way of blood effects, amazing, every time u kill someone with the chainsaw, blood goes all over the screen, and then when u hit a enemy, the blood comes out differently every time. and the framerate is not as bad as i thought. runs smoothly through even when u are in the thick of things

the sound is fairly good with voiceovers, but they are kind of low, cant here them that well in cutscenes, guns and in game voices sound great.

the gameplay is spectacular, getting in and out cover is extremely smooth, aiming is easy. the way u can pop in and out of cover reacts instantly. the chainsaw in the game attached to the Lancer worked more times than didnt, sometimes it didnt get the person even though your like " i was all over that guy, wow." the guns are very well balanced in fire rate and ammo per gun. dont play casual difficulty, too easy. and hardcore is too hard on singleplayer, to really be satisfied with beating the hardcore difficulty is when u play co-op.

Multiplayer is where this game really shines. u can play up to 8 players in a game. sure doesnt sound like many, but it fits with the maps and gameplay. the only problem with multiplayer is that u cant talk with the other team while alive, so u cant trashtalk when u chainsawed like 3 people in a row, but the teamspeak only is also a good thing, because u have to talk strategy in this game, so you wouldnt want the other team hearing plan, now do you?

the only REAL problem with this game is that its too short and the story was totally pointless. also the CPU A.I. of your teamates, they dont really kill many locusts, and also they always tend to get shot down like 4 to 5 times each level.

Overall this game is a total keeper, dont waste money renting, buy this game, and also if u dont have xbox live, dont worry the campaign mode is still fun enough to play through many times!!!