You can play as The Hulk... but you also have to play as Banner...

Hey, and welcome to my review of the Incredible Hulk on the XBox. If you wish to learn something about the game, you are in the right place. So, please, read on and see my opinion of the game.

I will start first with the story. Basically, the game takes place a year after the events of the movie. Bruce Banner is researching ways to rid himself of the Gamma Radiation inside of him, therefore disposing of his tall, and green alter ego, The Incredible Hulk. Bruce gets a call from an old friend of his, Professor Crawford, who claims to be able to rid Banner of The Hulk forever. Things don't go according to plan and it soon become apparent that the Professor isn't helping you out of the goodness of his heart. Instead, he drains some of the Hulks power and uses it to transform himself into a Hulk-like creature. He then escapes with a Gamma Orb, a device that contains the Hulks power. It's up to you, Bruce Banner, and The Hulk to get the orb back before it is used for evil.

The graphics are cel shaded, which means it looks like Jet Set Radio. This is an especially nice touch and makes the game looks more like a comic book (even though it is based on the movie).

The controls are well done, but the controls can at times be a little unresponsive, which can cause some frustration. Controlling Banner/Hulk is easy enough. Unfortunately, sometimes you may find yourself going in the opposite direction of where you want to go, which I find is very annoying.

Eric Bana, he who played Bruce Banner in the movie, lends his vocal talent to the game, which means it feels more like the movie. The beautiful Jennifer Connolly, who played Betty Ross in the movie, does not voice Betty in the game unfortunately.

The game is well done, but is a bit disappointing. The main focus on the game is The Hulk running around smashing things. That's really about it. Great you may say as that is what The Hulk is all about, but it's done on a small scale. The Hulk is forced to run around small corridors and can only destroy certain parts of walls, which is ridiculous as the Hulk is strong enough to knock down any wall. This gives the feeling of a rat running in a maze. The freedom that many would expect is simply not there.
In some levels, you have to play as Bruce Banner. While this is a nice twist, it is simply to frustrating to be any fun. You are constantly forced to hide. If you are seen, dozes of enemy soldiers will attack and kill you.
Finally, the game suffers from a lack of in level checkpoints. In each level, you have three continues. Each time you die, you use one. If you die, and have used up all of your continues, you are forced to restart the entire level. As The Hulk, that won't bother you, as it is hard to die. But, during the Banner levels, you will die a LOT, meaning those three continues will be easily used up. This adds to the frustration of the Banner levels.

A decent game. It will provide you with a few hours of fun but don't look for anything more than that. The game is mainly let down by the Banner levels, but you will enjoy the Hulk levels while they last.

Worth Buying?
No, it's not, simply because the game can be easily completed in a few hours. The Extras in the game can only be unlocked using cheat codes, and not by actually completing the game. This does not help extend the games life. My advice is to rent to game