best racing game that ever hit the face of this planet

i gotta say it even when i was opening the game i had an adreniline rush,you should have seen me playing the game.PGR3 is a must have its amazing so many more cars to choose from. new sppeds and tracks and u cannot forget those graphics they just blow you away. if uve got a spare £40 laying around then grab it and run yea you herd me run to the nearest place you can buy PGR3 (project gotham racing 3) and shove it into your xbox 360 and start playing. if you havnt got the game yet then y r u reading this review go and get it. (its that good). at the start line just smoke your freinds and fly across the track in your TVR. like i said this game is an absolute must have for your 360.
thank you for reading my review =]