Simply amazing ....

Simply amazing ........Unfortunately, I Don't have alot of time right now for a long detailed review, but I will as soon as time permits edit and give a complete breakdown and an in-depth ..... But for now I just want to say that 2k has done it again....... This game is a masterpiece in pretty much all facets.. Let's put it this way, this game is so good that EA pretty much threw up their hands and said the heck with it and cancelled their release of nbalive 2013 lmao .. They say it was because of time restraints and not being able to meet a deadline, but I call BS .... 2K has set the bar way too high IMO and no one else can even come close ... I know this game is gonna own my free-time for the forseeable future... I'm telling you all.....Go and get this game NOW ... you won't be disappointed........ There is simply no basketball game that can come close to competing .... well except 2k12 heh ..