Not a major update from 2K12 but still worth buying

User Rating: 8 | NBA 2K13 PS3
With NBA 2K13, the people at 2k sports once more prove that they have not given up the hard work despite being the sole competitor in the Basketball genre for two years

Presentation- 2K13 is as expected simply outstanding in this department. The pre-game intros, halftime show,in-game statistics all make the game feel so natural and close to real basketball.

Graphics- The graphics engine has pretty much remained the same as last year. There have been some minor updates in player models and courts but nothing significant

Sound- With Jay Z as executive producer you'd except to find a lot of Jay Z songs and rap music in here. Well, that's right but that isn't a bad thing since the OST perfectly fits the game and is one of the best ones the series ever had . Where the game steals the show for yet another year is the commentary by the trio of Clark Kellogg, Kevin Harlan and Steve Kerr which not only feels like the real thing but even surpasses it

Gameplay- The game's most noteworthy addition from last year is the new control scheme which allows you to perform various moves like crossovers, spins etc with ease. The overall gameplay follows the rule "if it ain't broken don't fix it", it certainly features some updates from 2k12 like improving the shot releases and defensive controls. The AI is a major step-up from 2k12, especially in defense in which the opponent will really give you a challenge at times. The game also feels more natural and forgiving at higher difficulties unlike past entries where the it felt like the game was cheating you. Unfortunately game modes like Association and My Player have remained pretty stagnant and the new My Team mode (2k's version of FIFA's Ultimate Team) loses all it's interest the momen you realise that most other players have abused the new VC system (more on that layer) to build unbeatable teams consisting solely of current NBA Stars and Legends...The new VC system is the game's major turn-off for me. On one hand it's a good idea since you are able to level up you My Player by playing other modes but on the other hand it proves the fact that 2K belongs to the large group of companies that milk their customers for more money, since you can buy VC Packages for a price at the PS Store and practically create a 99-rated player or an unbeatable myteam instantly. The prices at the 2k Shop, where you buy clothes and accessories for you player are also ridiculous and just prove my above statement

Online-Didn't try it a lot since I am a SP gamer, but it seems to work just like NBA 2K12

Lasting Appeal- With a ton of game modes and it's signature excellent gameplay 2k13 certainly has a lot of lasting appeal

The Verdict
+Outstanding Presentation
+Amazing Commentary
+New Control Scheme makes things easier
+Major update in AI
-Association and My Player modes didn't receive a major update
-Some bugs that render some game modes unplayable at times
-The new VC System