NBA2K13 is the best basketball game of all times!

User Rating: 9 | NBA 2K13 PS3
I used to criticise sports games manufacturers that all they care about is ripping off the consumers every year, with just patchable changes in their games. 2K11 and 2K12 were good but broken games, that required a lot of patching before they could be playable. rnrnrn

2K13 is way better than its predecessor. It is obvious that this year 2K chose to spend some time with the actual game and not with needless features and secondary elements.rnrn

I have not yet encountered any major flaws, the players play like they should, move like they should and feel like they should. 2K13 gives you the full tense of a basketball game. rnrnrn

The new right stick functions are hard and confusing at the beggining, but as you get used to them, they provide a wide arsenal of choices and moves, that make the game look real! rnrnrnThe only change that I had to make was to slightly reduce the offensive rebound ability of the CPU, as I felt that It was a bit over the top.rnrnrn

The graphics are almost the same like last year, only that the stadiums and the crowd are better and they provide the atmosphere of an NBA game. Of course the commentary is of the highest standard again. This "Jay Z Production" stuff though seemed a bit exaggerating to me...rnrnrn

What I didnt appreciate is this VC system. It reduces realism and makes the game feel like an RPG. I also found some changes in the My Player mode useless and annoying. For example, in order to change the socks of your Player, you have to exit the mode. Stupid...

rnrnrnI also disagree with this "One game and you are selected" proccess, even if the old 2K11 and 2K10 selection proccesses seemed boring.rnrnrn

As I'm mainly interested on the MyPlayer and Association modes, I can't comment on whether the game has enough and satisfying modes or not.rnrnrn

For me, NBA 2K13 is by far the best NBA game of all times and a great improvement over last year's game.