X360 Fantasy Draft on Monday Night

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Draft will be Monday at 8 PM Eastern as it stands now, looking for 12-15 members, so about half your games will be vs. CPU. Association name: LS2k Association pass: 123456 Settings: Season length: 29 Games Difficulty: All Star League Pace: Fast Playoff Format: Quarter Finals: 3 Game Series Semi Finals: 3 Game Series Conf. Finals: 3 Game Series NBA Finals: 5 Games Series Q. Length: 6 Mins Prizes: -NBA Champion each Season: 400 Microsoft Points or $5 Paypal. -First to 14 wins: 2 Week Xbox Live Gold Trial -For joining: FUN Gamertag: CP3 Swish Chatroom for the OA: http://us10.chatzy.com/28840452262316