Ok, My Career mode is COMPLETELY worthless

#1 Posted by MaverickAZ (117 posts) -

because bottom line, you're at the mercy of just HORRIBLE COmputer AI

drive to basket untouched, press A??? CPU doesnt pass

CPU jacks up horrible shot after shot, there needs to be a way to press a button that commands the AI to shoot if their open

And the defense is such a fuggin JOKE. Again, its not like playing Association mode where you can control every ball handler, you are at the mercy of the horrible defensive AI

i get drafted by Mavericks, and youd think i was on the Wizards. Constantly giving up 100+ points EVERY game. And theres not a gdamn thing you can do about it

#2 Posted by Ste_Vege (3 posts) -

Hi man, before get the pass pressing A you have to get a reputation eheh the AI is not so bad this time.

And about the losing you have to set the option: "CPU calls the plans" in the right mode (i don't remember if On of Off) but i guess it is the opposite of that you have now setted.