New NBA Draft league xbox Prizes SIM

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READ RULES PLEASE Hey guys im sure most of you are sick of playing leagues that die out or dont finish and have multiple seasons. Well I have ran plenty of leagues back in the day for all games and always stayed active. Also most people like sim ball not lobby ball. So Im going to go ahead and start up a draft league. As well as will be giving out stuff to the final 2 and the MVP however there are some simple rules that do make it a sim league. Also we will reset simmed games. ***No more then 50% of your points can be in the paint. However subtract half your fastbreak off your PIP. ***Players must play their 1st or 2nd positions. As it states on the game. ***NO CPU trading nor Vetoing trades ***No stealing inbounds after a made basket unless down by 10 ***No fast breaking or full court passing unless a Turnover or a rebound by a PG. Takes away the cheap Cherry picking. ***Try to mix up your play and run some plays if you can. ***No 1-3-1 zoning... ***100% on ball defense. Gameplay is the following 7min Qtrs Sim Sliders 10games a week min hoping more to push faster. We will do a groupme or can do a PC chat either way leave your info here and we can get rolling and possibly draft within 24hrs. No need to dog if you dont like dont comment. I sent out info to 30+ guys i know all wont join dont waste my time this is a SIM LEAGUE that will have multiple seasons and Cash given out.... Draft is 7/24/13 at 9pm EST if your joining leave your groupme and your gamer tag but also message me on XBL i will be on all night getting guys in. GT is Tadpole4life11