NEW 2k13 associaton starting SOON!!!

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Will be starting an NBA 2K13 online association for the PS3, details are as followed: My PSN: Wazzah_LOLZZ FANTASY DRAFT (serpentine) (snake format) Association Name: ChillPlayBall Association Id: 161346 Association Password: wecool Association Length: 29 Games (Regular Season) (Playoffs Not Included in he 29#) Association Difficulty: All-Star Association Quarter Length: 8 Minutes Association Sim Quarter Length: 10 Minutes CPU Trading: ON Trade Deadline: ON Injuries: ON Playoff Games: Best Of 3 Per Series League Pace: Normal TIME OF DRAFT: UTC+10 7pm, Chicago 1:33am, Madrid 8:33am Tokyo 4:34pm, San Fransisco 11:30pm PSN MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE JOINING, ONLY PLAYERS WHO ARE COMMITED. :D
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If anyone wants to join an online association on PS3, Please feel free to join mine! The association name is Bama Boys 14 and the password is roadto15. Thanks! Really need some more people! Trying to get a full house! Thanks again guys! Should be fun!