NBA2k13 connectivity issues

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Hey everyone, I purchased this game through steam yesterday and it is awesome especially mycareer. I am also liking the move they have made to integrate it with facebook, and the mobile phone app. However what I am finding frustrating is that I can't seem to get it linked up properly to, nba2k mylife, nba2k13 mobile app. shows the picture of my career player but none of the statistical information shows up, nor all the other info. Is this because it takes awhile for the 2k servers to pick up all my data? Secondly is the nba2k mylife. I constantly when trying to connect it to my nba2k account the message that connection failed due to the server been to busy. I have been trying to connect regularly in the past 24 hours, no success. Does anyone know why this is not working properly? Nba2k13 app just says that there is no mycareer saved file on the 2k servers which leads me to think that my saves are not going onto the 2k server, which would then explain why I am having that first issue? I was wondering if anyone had some insights to these issues or at least are experiencing them as well or have experienced them. Thanks, Daniel.