Join My New Xbox360 Online Association, Draft Scheduled for Fri 02/01/2013

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I'm trying to being an online association consisting of active members that will allow the league to continue on for many seasons. So I'm hoping for a very full & active league built of teams owners that will stick with their teams, through the good times and the bad. I'm not one of those incredibly strict commissioners that feel the need to control every single aspect of the league. Play the game in whatever fashion you enjoy most, I won't try to regulate your style of play. All I ask is that you play as many of your games as possible scheduled against other user controlled teams (most importantly during the playoffs). Treat your games against the CPU controlled teams however you won't, I see no purpose in trying to force you to play those. Feel free to invite other people to league if you think they will be a good fit for what I'm trying to do. Message me on Xbox Live or you can send me an email if you have any questions or concerns. Commissioner (Gamertag: troycifer1987) email: Xbox 360 Difficulty: All Star Quarter Length: 6 minutes Season Length: 58 Games Playoffs Format: 3, 5, 5, 7 Fantasy Draft: Yes, Serpentine Current Scheduled Draft Time: Friday 02/01/2013 -Its hoped the draft can begin at the date & time listed above. If the number of members signed up isnt large enough I will continue to delay the start time as little or as much time as necessary to begin the draft as soon as possible.
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How many people do you have now?
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League Name: Impulse 2K13 League ID#: 493378 password: 12345 Draft is currently scheduled at 8:05pm (Eastern Timezone) but may be subject to change depending on when we feel we have enough to start.
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At the moment there are 4 people signed up, but that's because of what time it is. There shouldn't be any problem at all with filling the league up as much as we want it based off of my past experiences.
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Cool. It should fill up before the draft tonight then?
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Draft time pushed back to 10:00pm ET, almost full though.