Help with controls please?

#1 Posted by DavidJF (632 posts) -

I know it says it's x to shoot. But I have never scored a 3 pointer and I hardly ever score a normal basket.

I can only dunk and do layups which also often do not work :/

How do I press x in a way that makes my team win?

#2 Posted by The-Big-Dirty (21 posts) -

It comes down to a combination of:

a) if that player actually possesses the skill to be able to shoot from behind the arc 

b) how long they've had to line up their shot (eg not shooting at the end of a big run up court)

c) how/if they're being defended and what the defender's defensive skill is

d) your own shooting ability, which means you need to be both picking the right players as well as knowing when you need to let go of the X button.....although I would definitely say to start getting used to the shot stick!

Although I would say too that you should work on those inside plays, as when you are finally able to pull off some great post moves and the dunks/layups, you will love it! NBA 2K isn't a game that you can learn overnight, I've been playing the series for over two years pretty hard and still learn new things quite often. Start practicing and remember not to always use threes