Could Pippen be added later?

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The Dream Team is incomplete without Scottie Pippen. If people really want to see who's better, 1992 or 2012, you need Pippen for a fair fight. Is it possible that 2k13 and Scottie Pippen come to terms later and an update come out adding him?

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I doubt it. Personally, I think Scottie is being a little selfish with not wanting to be in the game. I heard it was a money issue with him. I would love the full dream team on there, but I will settle for almost the entire team. Charles Barkley I hear was convinced by Jay-Z to be in the game.
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I am so glad he is not in the game. Serves him right with his bitter attitude. Heck, he didn't want Isiah Thomas on the team so now he is not on the video game. I could care less for pip-squeek.
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that was MJ
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so is there no classic bulls team on here because of pippen?

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Pippen is in!