Can Not Self Alley Oop... Glitch???

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I am at the point where I don't even want to play the game anymore over this, that's how frustrated I am. I alley oop all game, when i'm on a break away; 1/4 down the court ahead of any other player; left thumb stick running toward the hoop, weather in the paint, (or behind it) A + B button while holding down right trigger because I'm running of course... (again no other player in sight) ball is thrown in back of me to a player way back court. (EVERY TIME) Game after Game, time after time. I can not throw the ball against the glass! if any player is remotely near me, behind me or where ever no matter where i'm pushing the left thumb stick the alley oop will go to them weather i want it or not. If I want to play regular and forget about it i can make alley oops fine like they are supposed to be made but I can not throw it off the glass. I have tried everything. I think there is a glitch in my game. Either that or I'm missing the writing on the wall. Please someone give me some advice.
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