Big 20-30 teams NBA 2K13Online Association

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come and play before 2k14 comes out and enjoy an efficient leaugue with high user activity. anyone can join but u must be active and not quit after few losses ID: 1454583 Pass: 12345 please send me a friend request ln xbox so i can send u msg updates on a draft time, season awards, etc. im the utah jazz just look up my gt under league members. thanks! GAMERTAG: AL EDER FERGINA Additional Details A specific draft time is not set. it's a first come first serve basis and im looking for at least 20 teams. theres at least 10 people who commited previously. draft time could be tonight or tomorrow it depends on how fast we fill slots
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I joined as the Blazers, but I will be a little more than an hour late to the draft if it remains at 8pm eastern