hands down, the best basketball game to date!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA 2K11 PC
the way i look at it, its the same as comparing the game to first fifa soccer game. amazing, simply as that.
last years nba 2k was nice, but it had its flaws. 2k10 wasnt as polished as this years.
i am a big sports fan. i play everything that has to do with sports, and with 2k11 its almost as real as it can be. you have tons of moves, different type of shots. players actually have their own personalities. for example, star players do take game in their hands, making a difference if needed. its not easy to play with bad players or teams. not sure if this is a good thing or bad.
i love rebounding in2k11. you actually see players fighting for ball. lots of fcontact hapening under the basket. some of the low rated playrs with good rebounding skills/ratting are making difference on the coart. from what i noticed, taller players have an adventage under the rim... something we didnt have before.
only thing i am not fan of, is passing. maybe because i still didnt figure out how to make them in this game, but at least you cant just pass inside all the time. if there is a player on the way, the ball will be lost.
defence improved this year. its not easy to drible around like maniac and score at will.

jordan mode is amazing. you actually play some of his imprtant/great games from the past. i wish they had more old school teams/players to play with, but i guess you cant make them all at ones.

graphics are great. most of the players look real.

and the best part.... i bought the game for 28 bucks candian. really????
i never said it before, but this game is underpriced big time. now days, you cant buy 2 year old game for this money.

if you like sports, not necacery basketball, and you own a good pc that can run it at high setting, dont even hesitate and go buy the game.

i give it 9.5 for now. i will give it a 10 when they update some of the players rattings for online play. you can do it yourself, but wont be able to use it onlin.