Poor A.I as from NBA 2K10, annoying attempts to be "realistic", difficult controls

User Rating: 3 | NBA 2K11 PC
To start, NBA has come a long way, I played the series from NBA Live, and decided to pick up this after a long break from sports games. I was about to go in for the worse gaming experience of my lifetime. Horrible doesn't even come close to describing the A.I, more often or not my team was standing around, not hustling to loose balls, rebounds or creating the open man. For example, I played the L.A. Lakers in a quick match, if you watched the series, Andrew Bynum is playing as the center, however instead of going into the paint area, most of the time he was standing behind the line, hoping to get a 3-point shot. Besides, the A.I is terrible, not marking their man properly and leaving the open shot. This is in complete contrast to the opposite team, they were moving around quickly, creating the open man and getting the correct guy at the correct area (if the Denver Nuggets was the opposite team, Carmelo Anthony will always be at the mid range to the paint area) What's worse is, the game attempts to be realistic, in a sense that the players will start missing their shots in certain time to time, it sounds good, however it isn't. This forces the game to have a close score, almost at a ridiculous pace, for example, Michael Jordon can hit 4/6 3-pointers in the first quarter, but can't get any to go at the 2nd despite being the open man. This is horrible to play, and most of the time I felt like uninstalling it but I always decided to give it one more shot, and end up disappointed after every single game. If you are a PC user like me, try to rent or download a demo before rushing to buy it. Not worth your money