[360] VRL looking for league drivers

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The Veteran Racers League (VRL) is currently looking for new drivers. We run a 12 race season and will be starting our next full season on August 17, 2012. Feel free to join now and help finish out our current season and get some practice in with our drivers. Our league motto is: "Be a Champion. Race with Respect." We've been running since the fall of 2009 and have a good group of guys at all skill levels. Check out ourVRL websiteand signup at theVRL Forumswith your GT as your username. Be patient as each account need authorization before you can post and see all of the forum categories. Message me on Xbox Live (GT: TitaniumWayne) with any questions. Right now we are running an A series with 8 drivers and looking to expand our B series with up to 8 drivers. Future plans are to combine the series into 1 if connection issues and bubbles are fixed in NTGIL. No age requirements for this league. Just drive with respect and you'll have a great time in the VRL. Once again, check out the links above. There is a lot of good information about us and what we do.

The Basics

We start the race with Default setups and then allow pit road changes during the race.

Car Requirements:You must run an in game car. No custom cars will be allowed.

Race Day/Time:Fridays at 7:30pm Central.

Series:Sprint Cup

Race Length:Each series will run 40% if 5-8 drivers show up or 30% if 1-4 drivers show up.


Caution Flags:ON.

Driver Assists:ON.

Custom Setups:OFF.

Grid Order:Random.

Xbox Live Headsets are required.