Super boring story mode

User Rating: 8.5 | Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress PSP
Naruto UNH2: TPP was a good action packed game with great combat system...for muliplayer. If you play this game alone, you will either check out the story more which consist of super long line of mini-games that give you points to unlock pictures and music or photos, which only fancy you if you are a hardcore naruto fan. The mini-games was really fun the first few time you play, but after playing it over repeatedly over 200-300 time to finish the whole story mode, I would congratulate you for not smashing your PSP to the ground.
As for the combat, this game combat was great with overall-difficult bot... for starter. If you fight around the 20 battles, you would then realize your own battle tactics to make the game become extremely easy, the good news is that the gamesharing mode or multiplayer mode will be a great fun if you got a friend who is equally skilled as you do, otherwise, don't even bother playing the battle mode
As for the Gallery, it is a bit limited considering how freaking much mini-games the game make you go through to watch a few photos story that's not even animated, look at a few picture, watch some story mode cutscene and listening to some game tracks, not bad huh? IT'S REALLY NOT ENOUGH if you try to finish the whole story mode
As for the storyline... average I guess, good ending theme btw