The game is pretty decent and is fun to play but it does have a few draw backs.

User Rating: 8 | Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 X360
This game is really solid in a lot of different aspects. Like the story mode which is very long and rewarding for those who play it all the way through. The story is beautifully done and contains a lot of content to keep you busy for a while. The story extends beyond, (for those who don't read the Manga), what is currently airing on the subbed show so be careful if you don't want spoilers. There are some areas within the story, especially in one scene in particular, where you get a ginormous cut scenes. They don't bother me so long as it's a good scene in which most cases they are. The fighting leaves a lot to be desired. Now I'm not saying it's bad or anything but it's kind of like button mashing most of the time. One problem is there's simply not enough jutsus in the game. Each character, I think, only get two; one ultimate and one regular one. They also get an "awakened state" which is like a powered up form, sort of like going super sayian or something. Needless to say the fighting can get bland.

Now something in the game which I think they blew right out of the water is the awesome boss battles. This game just makes them feel so epic. They also did something that I thought was impossible. Which is actually to get me to like quick time events. They just nailed those perfectly. The roster is also pretty big and they have some other game modes like team battle which is kind of cool. They also have your basic tournaments and single one vs one game-play modes. The economic system is okay and as for the free roam it kinda feels awkward and the camera gets on my nerves. Mob battles are very fun if not repetitive.

Overall I would say this game is pretty good and worth picking up if you're into the Naruto universe. I believe the good outweigh the bad and I have thoroughly enjoyed this game myself and feel it was worth the purchase.