Solid game, but why did they change the plot from the manga?

User Rating: 7 | Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm 3 PS3
I was very excited about this game as any Naruto fan would be. However, after playing through the story mode, I am left with disgust. The plot, while sometimes done better than the manga in small doses, overall was a disappointment. This was especially true towards the latter chapters in the game. I will not ruin the plot for anyone who hasn't read the manga, but the ending was done horribly. I understand Namco wants to make a 4th installment, but some of the most exciting and heartfelt moments were ruined.

With all of that said, the gameplay has improved in every way from Ultimate Storm 2 while retaining its the positive elements.

The graphics, soundtrack, and overall world are beautiful to experience and I am very impressed with the variety in soundtrack from last game while keeping its magic.

The multiplayer is also vastly improved with it's menu/matchmaking and character roster (I haven't unlocked all characters yet but even the original set is impressive).

I recommend this game to someone who doesn't know the manga or doesn't care about the story mode and just wants a fighting game. However, to the fans of the manga (which I imagine is a big player base), you will be disappointed with story mode.