Please Fix Multiplayer

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It's happened over five times now...whenever I'm winning in a match, just before I deal the winning blow, the person I'm fighting turns around and just leaves the game, but there is no consequences for it. They run away with no loss (and sometimes it doesn't even show up as a disconnection), and I get nothing out of it but a giant waste of time. I don't care if they pull that crap on normal matches, but ranked should be held to a higher standard since its ranked. A few other things should be tweaked/fixed as well. 1. The ranked matching system (nay, the entire match making system) needs to be worked on. I can't tell you how long it takes just to find ONE match, sifting through all of the "could not connect" and "match is full" BS. Just keep the rosters more up to date instead of me having to sift through everything; let me connect to matches smoother and faster. 2. On the topic of match making, I liked mortal kombat's way of matchmaking when it comes to ranked games. You didn't know who you were fighting, and it tried to even the playing field by matching you against people around your skill level. (lower if you're losing a lot, higher if you're on a streak.) You couldn't exit out of it, and you don't get to pick and chose who you fight. As if its bad enough trying to find a match, its like every game I enter I get booted out. It's very irritating. I don't want someone taking a quick can of my win/loss ratio and just saying "nope". Just get the match started and move on. 3. As for disconnecting during a match, I think if someone just quits, it should be counted as a loss against them, and a win for your character. The way to prevent people from just spamming wins with their friends is by implementing the above strategy where you are randomly selected to fight against other random people, thus preventing people from just teaming up and d/c'ing on purpose so the other guy can get a kick ass score. 4. Fix the broken characters. I know there is a lot of imbalance in this game, but some are way worse than others. It's like whenever I see Masked Man with a Kimimaru and Rock Lee/Choji Combo, I just kind of shake my head. Or Madara, whose attacks do nothing other than drop the fps of the game down to 2 and causes everyone to lag. I love Naruto and I really like this game, which is why I think if they just took the time to fix these simply things instead of pumping out costume packs we'd be a lot better off.
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I agree with this 100%