How much of the Shippuden story will this cover?

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I'm on about episode 102 of the Shippuden storyline so I haven't even watched enough to start playing UNS2 yet, because I'd come across spoilers. Will I have to watch all the way up to the current amount of episodes before playing UNS3, or will I be fine? 

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According to the announcement of the game, it will cover the 4th shinobi world war arc until the episode right before its release. By my calculations this may cover the end of Itachi and sasuke vs Kabuto but that means the game will take an abrubt stop and wont cover the whole arc. I haven't taken into consideration any filler episodes or breaks between epoisodes so if any filler episodes or breaks are there even lesser part of the arc will be covered

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i see... gosh.. seems like you're a little behind there. i read the manga every week as it is released, and one thing i know is that the anime is waaaaaaay behind the manga, which means i expect the game will be too....

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I have seen sreenshots of where you said your at like epsodes 201 becuse we are going to have to fight as sasuke vs 5 samurai

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I have seen all the trailers and the guys from Namco said that it'd cover pretty much most of the 4th Great Ninja War which means there will probably be a Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 that covers the rest.

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It will help if you watch all of the episodes up till now. This game goes all the way to Naruto's fight against Madara, which hasn't happened yet in the English subbed episodes. So it's a decent amount ahead of the TV series right now.