Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Easy 100,000 yen and bonus characters

    Simply start Accel 2 story mode with any save data from Accel 1 and receive an easy 100,000 yen and characters from Accel 1 will be unlocked as well.

  2. All Narutimate Hero 3 Characters and 100,000 yen

    Start Narutimate Accel 2 with a Narutimate Hero 3 save data and you will have all Narutimate Hero 3 characters and 100,000 yen.

  3. Unlockable Characters

    Beat certain events in Master (Story) Mode.

    Code Effect
    Beat Itachi in Master (Story) Mode Itachi
    Beat Sasori in Master (Story) Mode Sasori Hiruko
    Meet her Master (Story) Mode Chiyo
    Beat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode with her Chiyo with Puppets
    Beat Orochimaru in Master (Story) Mode Orochimaru
    Beat Kabuto in Master (Story) Mode Kabuto
    Beat Sasuke in Master (Story) Mode Sasuke
    Beat Kisame in Master (Story) Mode Kisame
    Beat Sai in Master (Story) Mode Yamato
    Beat Sai in Master (Story) Mode Sai
    Beat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode Sasori True Form
    Beat Deidara in Master (Story) Mode Deidara
  4. Unlock Narutimate difficulty

    Beat all of Gai's challenges (first option) in the training grounds.

  5. Sasuke RPG mode

    Finish the master mode and all of the side quests, and then go to the room where you first defeated Sasuke, access the blue aura there, and done.

  6. Secondary Form of Characters

    To unlock the secondary form of all the characters, just beat the story mode. Then, in VS mode, push R1 to see the secondary form and select for it. This doesn't work on all the characters, only on the ones that have a secondary form in the anime (ie: Neji doesn't have one, but Choji does (his super pill form))

    Naturally, this only works on characters that you've already unlocked (which should be all if you beat story mode)

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by LINKPACK 24K
FAQ FAQ by des 175K
FAQ FAQ by Rincat 62K
FAQ/Move List FAQ/Move List by jygting 67K
Character Guide Kurenai by goofee18 20K