Better than the first and worth the money.

User Rating: 9.5 | Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 WII
I was surprised that they made a sequel to the first one. I never figured that they would have all these cool characters to unlock. I just finished the game today and I say this is a must buy. Sure most of the controls are the same, but with the hand signs, paper bombs and new Justsus to each character no wonder this game is very addicting. Although some of the challenges may tick you, it's worth it when you did something yourself. There are some characters you have to watch out for like Kabuto, Asuma, Baki and the second state of Naruto and Sasuke. The only down side is that the tutorials only show the paper bombs and the hand signs. It was confusing at first, but once you practice you'll be a pro in no time. Of course trying to dothe hand signs while fighting is hard, but it
'll work you have to be quick about it. It took me so long to unlock the second frm of Naruto, but it was worth the stress. I hope the Naruto GNT EX2 comes to america soon. I know shipudden comes to america in January in English, but I have to check my sources. I hope you don't judge me for praising this game so much I just love Naruto so much ever since the show and games arrived. My fav. character to use is Naruto and the second stat Naruto. NARUTO RULES!