Napoleon: Total War Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

    Code Effect
    Win 6 MP Naval Battles in a row Wind On Your Back
    Win 50mp land battles Unqestionable Loyalty
    Play the game for 10 hours total The Tireless Watchman Brooch
    Win Egypt Campaign in medium within historic time The Silver Dromedairy Legionaire
    Have 6 allies simultaneously The Seal of the Grand Coalition
    Win a match without any infantry The Quick and the Deadly
    Have a 100% approval rating The People's Crown
    Gain 8000 per turn in trade revenue The Merchant's Navy Medal of Gratitude
    Declare war on all nations the first turn, never make peace, and win the game The Medallion of the Imperial Psychopath
    Win Egypt Campaign as Ottomans The Man of the Bosporus is still healthy
    Win a match without any ships of the line The Lion and the Mouse
    Win any campaign without a single autoresolve The Lion and Sabers Medal
    Conquer all of Europe The Imperial Wreath
    Have three generals with full skill level in one campaign The Imperial School of Strategy Crest
    Win European MP Campaign as France The Imperial Laurels
    Win Europe Campaign in hard The Imperial Crown on Brocade Band
    100000 soldiers die in battles with you, friend and foe The Hero's Skull Badge
    Assassinate 15 people The Hand-and-Dagger on Black Chain
    Play the game for 50 hours total The Eye of the Ever Watchful General
    Cover 50,000 sea or land miles with your armies and fleets The Explorers' Society Badge
    Win a prestige victory The Emblem of the Enlightened Society
    Win Egypt Campaign in easy The Bronze Date
    Take other player's capital within 20 turns The Blitz
    Play a MP Campaign Take Up Office
    Board 5 ships in a single battle Swashbuckler
    Have 10 protectorates at one time Shield of the Protector
    Win 10 decisive victories Seasoned Captain
    Win Europe Campaign in easy Russian Doll on Green Ribbon
    Win Europe Campaign as England Rule Britannia
    Win a MP Italian Campaign as Austria Restaurator
    Sink 1000 Ships Rack and Ruin
    Win Europe Campaign in medium within historic time Quadriga in Prussian Silver
    Win Europe Campaign as Prussia Prussia's Glory
    Possess 15 regions without taking one by other players Prolong the Inevitable
    Win Gold in all Historic Battles Platinum Star of Glory
    Play the game for 30 hours total Palace Guard Penchant
    Play 100 multiplayer naval battes No Shore Leave
    Win ten SP Campaign naval battles Nautic Star Emblem
    Win 10 pistol duels Marksman Brooch
    Win a MP naval battle Making Headway
    Other player's faction is last to die Just Desserts
    Win Europe Campaign as Russia Jack Frost's Chosen
    Win a MP Italian Campaign as France Italian Veteran
    Win 10 MP Land Battles in a row Indomitable Force
    Win 10 sword duels Imperial Fencing Academy Master's Needle
    Play a historical land battle Historians' College Acknowledgement Badge
    Win Italian Campaign in hard Hero of Arcole Commemorative Medal
    Win 15 SP Campaign land battles Hardened Veteran's Badge
    Win Silver in 5 Historic Battles Grand General Star
    Win Egypt Campaign in hard Golden Obelisk of the Pharaos
    Win campaign having given enemy player 50000 gold Gives to the Poor
    Win a match with only first rates First-rate Bully
    Win Europe Campaign as Austria Felix Austria face bellum!
    Win a match having spent half as many funds as your opponent Expecting Calm Seas
    Win a match against a player with double your skill rating Distinguished Service Medal
    Make all major nations like you (very friendly) Diplomat's Pin
    Win a MP Egypt Campaign as France Desert Veteran
    Win a battle using only Light Infantry and Artillery Defensive Strategy
    Win a match against someone with double your skill rating Daredevil
    Win 10 land battles Celebrated Field-Commander
    Win Italian Campaign in easy Bronze Tower of Pisa
    Play a MP land battle with every faction Broad Military Outlook
    Win a MP Land Battle without losing any units Absolute Power
    Play a MP naval battle with every faction A Different Slant
    Win Italian Campaign in medium within historic time The Silver Olive Chaplet
    Capture 10 regions The Ribbon of the Promising Strategist
    Win any Campaign by autresolving only The Bronze Armchair of Comfort
    Start any campaign, battle or historical battle Revolutionary Cocarde

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