The Biggest Game this year and not everyone knows it.

This pack is a must Buy for any Xbox 360 owners, and can be the most entertaining, most challenging and most interesting games out there. Portal Brings new innovation to the series while half life 2 games bring entertainment and depth, and Team Fortress 2 gives you all of the Action you want. this is the ultimate FPS bundle. Half life 2 Episode 2 is brand new and really shows that Valve still has it, going up against tough competition like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 was Team Fortress 2, and it brought competition. Did it beat Halo 3? To me Yes. Did it Beat Call of Duty 4? To me by a hair. I think that Portal was a bit too short but sweet so it was worth it to add on. As an exclusive, whether it would soar, I doubt it.

Team fortress: 9.0
Half Life2: 10
Half life 2 ep.1: 8.5
Half life 2 ep. 2: 9.5
Portal: 8.0