N.O.V.A. 3 - No Controller Support?!?!

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This is a bigger tragedy than the BP Oil spill. To make such a stunning looking game for mobile and neglect to put in the extra 5 minutes of programming to make this compatible with either a xbox or six-axis controller.

I mean seriously. This is not your typical light-hearted angry birds game. If gameloft really wants mobile devices to be taken seriously as a truly immersive game experience that will rival consoles, they CANNOT get any further with touch screen.

Does anybody really want to spend more than a few minutes at a time rubbing their fingers on glass? It's super-uncomfortable and has the accuracy of playing games like HALO with your toes. This was a true disapointment.

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Yeah, Is there ANY fps that comes with controller support? It's such a great looking game but w/o a controller I just can't put up with such a terrible way to control. I bought both 2 and 3 now for some reason thinking they had controller support, wish I could get a refund.
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use "Six axis controller" after rooting your device. Using the Six Axis Pair Tool for pc change the bluetooth address of your PS3 pad to match your android phone's. connect the pad to your phone using Six Axis Controller then either set up a custom touch profile for the game or find one here www.sixaxisofpower.com. Youtube or Google for any questions. Done. Happy Shooting.

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Shadow gun: Dead zone.
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finally. i thought i was the all one and this is one of my biggest problem with GAMELOFT they make many stunning looking games but playing by touching the screen takes away the true gaming experience. there are other games not created by GAME SPOT but must have controller support, for instance REAL RACING is a console level game but as gamer i hate playing such game by taping a screen.MASS EFFECT INFILLTRATOR is by far the most annoying i mean it made by FREAKING EA who make a many console but yet we see the same problem something must be done.

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rooting works but its a bit complicated and also risky.

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Try playing On live it has real console games you can play with wired Xbox pad without rooting, I love it