great combat

this truely is the best FPS on the market right now. the combat is very good. you will often fight against a 3-4 squad that will use intelligence to find the best way to kill you. i think this is the best FPS i have played since goldeneye (n64). there is alot of fun with it and the replayability with multiplayer and with it having four difficulty settings for the single player part will do you fine.

if you like horror movies, this is also a great for a few who is looking for a good scare. there is few good moments that will give you a good spook. the story line is very nicely written. almost the whole game is under low light conditions and the music helps make the game feel really spooky

the graphics is great too. the physics of the game makes you feel like you were there. letting a grenade explode, you will see paper fly, glass break, cabinet doors blow off its hinges, and dead bodies move that might be around would move from the explosion.

only problem is this game does require a pretty high end computer to run the graphics really high. you will need a system that is better then what the recommanded specs that is stated on the box. setting it on medium graphics makes that game look just fine.