It's a Mystery for a Reason

User Rating: 7 | Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident WII
When I got this game I thought it would be an amazing puzzle game for the Wii. You use the wii remote to point and click on clues and solving puzzles on why this place is abandoned. First off the music, sound effects are great for a low budget game. The graphics are good, but the animation is done nicely not to hurt your eyes. The controls need more fine tuning I mean they work, but the clicker icon jumps when you're trying to put pieces together. When you solve a puzzle too quickly, it doesn't say you finished it on some and most of the hidden items in the pictures can really by frustrating. I mean they hide them and the hints barely help you find them even though they highlight the area. Also the description is weird since one of them wanted a pepper, but they didn't say if it was a pepper shaker or an actual pepper. The story is really good and it keeps you coming back to finish the level. Some of the puzzles leave you stranded with no instruction on how to solve it which leaves you to figure it out. Although the postcards are charming and the quick map warp is handy, but most of the places are accessible to warp to. It took me about 3 days to figure out this game..YES 3 days! For the price it was worth it despite it was frustrating. The multi-player is fun with friends and parties. So in essence this is a good puzzle game with friends and the mechanics should have been polished more than they are.