Another Nintendo game in which the AI gets free cheats in order to beat you.

Started as a great game. until you get more advanced, and you find out the AI get to cheat in the middle of the game in order to beat you. Typical of Nintendo games. Does anyone remember the original Mario Kart? where the enemies got free drops without running over the ground pad icon, once I noticed it I had to stop playing, there is no fun when the comp can cheat itself. same thing, if you can't make a game that can play honestly don't bother to make it. It seems to me you can make a game in which the AI can become more skilled without having to get saved. What I don't like is games that can't defeat ones skill with skill, so the programming has in it the ability to overcome say a winner shot in tennis, or endless stamina or strange mis-hits that make no sense.....too bad this game got bundled with the software, I would recommend you don't buy it but it doesn't matter.