Best game I've played in the last 5 years

Mass Effect 2 has a nice mix of RPG as well as FPS put into it. The story is excellent as well as the graphics and gameplay. This game also has a lot of interactivity as well, such as there was a scene where you could play poker with your crew mates or sit down with a drink and relax at the bar on the Citadel after a tough mission.

I really enjoyed the final mission. In fact, so much that I've played it over about ten times. I have four Shepards, with three of them being paragon, but I did decide to try the "ultimate badass" renegade option just for fun. I even recruited Morinth as opposed to her mother Samara to fit with the renegade story.

If you're looking for a quality game that won't let you down and will fill you with hours of fun, be sure to pick up Mass Effect 2. You won't be disappointed. Mass Effect 2 has everything a gamer would want.