Very repetitive!

Though miles better than the (awful) first game this still suffers from major bore. The free-roaming game play would be great if there were a bit more variety and things to do. The main problem is that the gaming area is absolutely immense. While this may be a good thing (a whole state is your gaming area in the upcoming GTA: San Andreas) there are very few definitive landmarks to give you some kind of orientation. It's based on the real New York, with all the famous buildings, but literally hundreds of streets look the same and it's very, very easy to get hopelessly lost. Plus the only method of travel is swinging. Yes, it's cool, but very slow considering the area you have to cover and not to easy to control unless your a genius with the control pad. And the missions are all the same. Stop an armoured car hijack, stop a guy stealing a car, save some idiot hanging off a building, beating up nameless thugs, save some guy hanging off a building, stop some guy stealing a car, save some guy hanging off a building...boring. When you complete a mission that should be it done for the whole game, none of this again and again and again trash. The average score for completing these missions is 250 hero points...you need 1, 000, 000 to reach Doc Ock at the end of the game. Sorry I ain't sticking around long enough to 4000 tedious missions. The only cool thing about this game is that it's narrated by Bruce Campbell. The rest seems like a rushed movie tie-in, not a real game.