Amazing graphics and gameplay, but WTF on the ending?

Boy am I on run of great FPS!!! Far Cry makes you want to cry with its amazing graphics and feel. The game immerses you in lush jungles, creepy ruins, and by the end of the game a volcano fortress. The story begins well and advances at a nice pace, but ends in an absolute insane and abrupt crap conclusion. However, the game is a BLAST to play. Lets begin with the graphics. A+!! The game starts on the beaches and waters of a lush tropical island. Just trudging through the lush rain forests is fun. The leaves file away as you get closer and closer. Imagine the experience of sneaking through the green to blast away at the mercs over the hill. Well thats what you will be doing - a lot! The animations of explosions and gun fire are amazing. The character models are fantastic and help to make the characters even more personable. The graphics are what make this game tick. The audio in this game are also truly amazing. Each rub against shrubs, the water washing ashore, the bullets whizzing by your head all act to put you in the action. You feel like Jack as he wanders the island fighting for his life trying to find his way off. The music serves as nice ambience and picks up when the action gets intense. Overall its a very nice fit for the game. The characters are all interesting, especially Jack. I mean any man who wears a red hawaiian shirt while blasting mercs with his machine gun cant be wrong. There is also a CIA agent who has enlisted your services unknown to you just to help her find your way to the bottom of the mysterious island activities. Of course her only redeeming value is she is smoking hot and you get a gratuitious bra and bikini shot as the game goes on. Other than that she just gets hersef captured a lot and occassionally you have to shoot her just to get her to shut up. The other main character is a mysterious man who helps you get around on the island via a cellular phone. He seems very helpful, but just who is he and what are his motives. Overall these three characters are interesting and fun. The story as I said before is good, right up until the ending. As Jack an ex-special forces member, you get enlisted unknowingly by a CIA agent who needs your help trying to unmask the evil doings on the island. Yes the mercs arent the only thing lurking on the island and in fact they are the least of your concerns. So as you guide Jack through the the jungle, ruins, bases, volcano fotresses, you get more and more info on whats happening. Of course this leads to the ending. UGGHHH. What a disappointment. I dont want to give away anything, oh wait there is nothing to give away. The ending was as bad as the last Rocky. The game just sort of ends with no real explanation or warning. Its really a shame, because everything else about the game is so awesome. Its really the only downside to the game. The game features tons of weapons, some with secondary fire modes. You will get to drive gun toting vehicles, blow up helicopters, man turrets and throw tons of grenades. Lots of death and destruction variety help to make this game ceaseless fun. So in conclusion, this game rocks. Other than a crappy ending this game is tons of fun. You will play it from start to finish with a smile on your face. The game features tons of difficulty levels for all levels of game players. This game is a must own for all FPS fans.