Myst III: Exile Cheats For PC

  1. Character gallery

    Go to the Tamahara Age and go to Atrus' desk. Hold ~ and select the picture of Atrus and Catherine.

    Contributed by: Lego_Freak 

  2. PEZ dispenser

    When you're in Saavedro's home, go near the hammock. When you zoom in, hold the '~' key and move your cursor around. You should see a zoom-in cursor. If this is the right one, release the '~' key and it should disappear. Hold the '~' key and zoom in. You will find a PEZ dispenser, with the initials MEB on it, for Mike Brown, Myst III's lead animator, who has a lot of PEZ dispensers.

    Contributed by: Drekenloka 

  3. Actor Showing

    When you're in Tamahara, the Age in which the game starts, go to Atrus' desk. Hold the '~' key and click on the picture of Atrus and Catherine on Atrus' desk. A screen will show showing the actors who played the characters in the game.

    Contributed by: Drekenloka 

  4. Edanna Moth

    At the bottom of the Edanna age, one screen before the swamp, there's a moth. Clicking on the moth as you know will make it fly away. Don't click it. Hold down the TILDE key (~) and then zoom in on the moth and its wings will show two cat faces. The cats belong to a woman to designed most of the age.

    Contributed by: Kenito93 

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