MySims Kingdom Cheats For Wii

  1. Special Island(Named After You)

    Code Effect
    Complete Every Task and Go To Capital Island and Watch Credits Your Own Island

    Contributed by: hoopslowe 

  2. Outfits

    Open Pause Menu with - Button and enter following code:

    Code Effect
    C, Z, C, Z, B, A, B, A Tattoo Vest outfit
    left,right,left,right,left,right Gets detective outfit
    down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up unlocks swordsman outfit
    down,down,down,down,up,up,up,up Adventurer outfit

    Contributed by: pixelblues 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Essence Location Guide by udoncat 131K
Other Collectible Guide by udoncat 49K
Walkthrough Walkthrough by SquallsFan 105K

MySims Kingdom Cheats For DS

  1. Cheat Codes

    At any time during gameplay, press START to pause, then enter the following

    Code Effect
    L, R, Y, X, Left, Down, Left, Right Cow Headgear
    R, X, L, Y, Up, Right, Left, Down Cow Costume
    Right, Down, Left, Up, L, R, L, R Patchwork Clothes
    Down, L, Left, R, Up, Y, Right, X Patchwork pants
    X,Y,R,L,X,Y,R,L Samurai Helmet
    Y,X,right,left,L,R,down,up Samurai Armor
    Up, X, Down, Y, Left, L, Right, R Punk Top
    Left, R, L, Right, Y, Y, X, X Punk Bottom

    Contributed by: shadowcore76