MySims is an excellent game for the DS created by EA, and is remarkably similar to Animal Crossing.

User Rating: 8.5 | MySims DS
MySims for the Nintendo DS can simply be called Animal Crossing with ease. There are many features that you'll find in the game that are the same as in Animal Crossing, but I find them more fun and addictive.

When you first start out you'll notice that the game is alot more kid friendly, and has good graphics. You simply create your Sim, using basic features such as eye colour, hair style, skin tan, and hair colour. Most of the features can be edited throughout the game. You'll enter your 'resort' town and begin the game.

Throughout the game you'll be talking to the Sims living there, and trying to find ways to attract tourists. In MySims you're easily able to talk to tourists by choosing up too five options. These include converse, laughing, crying, getting angry at the Sim and a few more. Your main goal in the whole game is to get your Star rating to a perfect five. It may sound easy, and most of it is, however sometimes you'll get stuck as to where you should go next, or who to talk too.

There are a variety of mini games that you'll encounter. Those games include conversation, dousing, fishing, lei making, racket ball, para gliding, skydiving, and scuba diving. They're all good fun, however some may take a while to get the hang of.

One of the good things of MySims is the large area to explore. You'll be able to go to the Port, Forest, Highlands, Main Town and after unlocking a few stars, go on the Ferry to the Entertainment Area. Most of the maps contain trees, pavem;write
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The touch screen can be used to guide your Sim from place to place, similar to the controls of Animal Crossing. You'll also be using the touch screen for games such as Lei Making, where your objective is to match up the cards with the correct Lei. You'll start off with a rather small home, and soon you'll be paying $10,000 to buy a mansion. Homes are customizable with accessories (such as TVs and Radios) and Furniture, from the respective stores. There are good items available, but it would have been better if there were many more.

Overall, MySims for the Nintendo DS is an excellent game, and is highly recommended to anyone who enjoyed Animal Crossing: Wild World. It's a little more simple, and a little more life like.