Finally! Fans can roam Hogwarts!

The game allows average Muggles (non-magic folk) to roam Hogwarts, eat in the Great Hall, fly on Thestrals, and use spells all in the comfort of our chairs. However, if you want to get the full "magical" experience, I'd suggest getting the version MADE for this game: the Wii version. ;)

"Order of the Phoenix" starts off with a quick montage of the "Dementor" scene from the movie. Then, it gives you a quick, overview of the controls at Sirius' mother's house. After that, your free to roam Hogwarts until your hearts content. Or until you finish helping out your classmates.

The "challenges" are not hard at all. Even the chess games are elementary! :) So, don't buy this game because of the challenges and activities that await you... play it for the thrill of walking around Hogwarts! :D