I played this game since I was 6 years old and i love it.

This game is one of the greatest games ever made in any time line even today. This is a classic game that will never grow old. It's great scary atmosphere, awsome graphics(at that time), awsome bosses, and great scenery.

If you want any old classic game you have to get this, although this is nothing compared to Resident Evil the Remake for GameCube which is my best game that I have, it is also very advanced like the moving is better and the graphics are the best, but the story stll pails in comparison to the original and the best one is always the classic oldey that started it all. March 30, 1996 opened the door to the greatest game and the greatest day in history next to of course Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month. I'm recommending this game to every one who knows how to pick up some sticks and play.

Words Of Advice: Buy It!!!!