An Excelent begin of trilogy!!! -----JAK AND DAXTER

Other excelnt game from Naughty Dog! This game haven't guns, like the others of the trilogy, but shows the begin of the history of the Jak and Daxter...The puzzles turns the game difficult for the older players, to the younger too.
The game brings a lot of fun for all people indenpendly of the age. - The history happens when Daxter turns in a ottsel, an animal as look like a rat...So Jak, your friend, trying to turn he back, ask help for a Sage of the village: The old Samos. Samos tell him about Gol, the only sage who can turn Daxter back. So the adventure begins!! You have to collet Power Cells, necessary to you pass the fases...

An excelnt Art Work, Graphics, Interactivit, etc....but, when you stop in a difficult puzzle, he turns cansative....Then you need patience, but don't keep down!!
The game is AWSOME