Mr. Driller Online Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Code Effect
    Complete the America Stage [500m]. Amateur Yankee Driller (5)
    Complete the Egypt Stage [1,000m]. Pro Mummy Driller (10)
    Complete the Russia Stage [3,000m]. King of Moscow Drillers (15)
    Dig 5,000m in the North Pole Stage. God of Arctic Drillers (25)
    Complete 10 consecutive Quests. Brainy Quest Genius (20)
    Obtain 50 Air Capsules. Lifesaving Air Maestro (5)
    Drill 5,000 Blocks. Tireless Block Destroyer (15)
    Chain 30 Blocks in a row. Continuous Chain Linker (25)
    Win 10 consecutive Solo Battles. Fighting Battle Warrior (15)
    Win 10 consecutive Tag Battles. Friendly Tag Champion (15)
    Beat the opposing team in Tag Battle by 200,000 points. Supreme Point Master (20)
    Win 20 consecutive Solo and Tag Battles. Infinite Drilling Conqueror (30)

    Contributed by: Guard Master