Mounted calvary and wonderful mods make this one of the best bangs for your buck ever.

User Rating: 9 | Mount & Blade PC
When I first installed it and played the tutorial, I turned off the game, and didn't give it another chance for months. One day I was looking for something to do, and decided to give this game one more chance.

I went to the first town I saw, and spoke to a Lord who gave me a mission. Easy enough. Take a message here, bring someone to justice... fight breaks out and I lost.

I couldn't believe I lost my first battle in this game. Not only did I lose, I had fun doing it.

Then I fought some bandits, and recruited some followers... life in Mount & Blade had begun.

I swore allegiance to a King, fought in grand wars, laid siege to castles, won the favor of Ladies, entered tournaments, and fought against overwhelming odds to win the day. This game had me hooked.

I play this game regularly. Sometimes I play one of the many, very good mods out there, sometimes I play it as its meant to be. No matter if its a new game, or an old game, it is always fun.

I want to give this game a higher score than 9.0, but I think I'll leave it at a 9. The most deserved 9 of any game I have ever played. The people who made this game, deserve every penny they get from this hidden gem.