Mount & Blade Cheats For PC

  1. Mount and Blade cheats.

    You need to open the rgl_config.txt in the Mount & Blade installation folder and edit it. Find the line
    cheat_mode = 0

    and change it to
    cheat_mode = 1

    The gold cheat only works in the inventory screen, The health cheat only works in battle, the instant kill cheat only works in battle, The see all partys cheat only works on the map screen,The AI take over character cheat only works in battle,The add 1000 XP cheat only works in the character screen.

    Code Effect
    CTRL+H Heals you fully.
    CTRL+F4 Each press kills one enemy you are fighting.
    CTRL+T This lets you see all partys on the map.
    CTRL+F5 AI takes over character in fights.
    CTRL+X In the inventory it adds 1000 Gold to your amount of money.
    CTRL+X Adds 1000 XP in the character screen
    CTRL+Left Click Teleports party to the cursor
    CTRL+W Adds 10 to each weapon proficiency
    CTRL+X Upgrades the selected party member
    CTRL + F9 Slow Motion (tap again to go back to normal)
    Ctrl-f3 Hurt yourself.
    CTRL+SHIFT+F4 Knocks out all enemies zoomed into
    Ctrl+F6 Knock out one of your troops
    Ctrl+Shift+F6 Knock out all your troops

    Contributed by: mountaingoat99 

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