Pleaseee, how to move my court

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Okay, first the situation... I have 2 castles and 1 town .. on my castle 1 is my court and I want to change it to my town, so I can give my castle to one of my companions.... I am reading that I have to go to my town and I will need velvet and tools and there will have option "move my court here", but there is no option like that... When I go to my town and I am seeing there one f***er "Lord Kastor of Veluca" :@ ... When I go to my castle where is my court and when I speak with my companion there (Marnid), there is no option like "move court" or something like that... Please, I am desperate .... I'll be very, very happy if someone help me !
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I am having the exact same problem, I'm hoping someone has the answer.