nice visuals. Bad AI, repetitive, bad load times

User Rating: 6 | MotorStorm PS3
This game was my first PS3 game, and it looked pretty amazing. The slowmo with ragdoll effects was intense, and for a while I had an addiction of crashing my vehicle. I found gameplay disappointing, but Im not much of a fan of dirt or offroad racing.

I felt the AI was out to get me. For one race, I could not get first place after numerous times. It felt like the computers were out to screw me over. The Ai would seem to work together to make a block ahead of me...Id boost and crash or try to dodge and crash. Also, the AI would pull off some obviously intentional assaults on me....that would be suicidal. i got so fustrated after being blocked from first everytime (I mustve replayed at least 15 times) that I just stopped playing.

This game needs multiplayer along with online play. it also needs to cut down on load times. It has a load time when you switch thru the car selections (even when you switch back). Most of the music is not to my liking. Just not a game for me, but it was bundled with my ps3....