Mother Cheats For NES

  1. Unlimited Magic Herbs

    While in Magiciant in the northern area you can find a red weed sitting in the middle of a bunch of green weeds. "Check" the red weed and you will recieve the Red Weed. Now bring the Red Weed to the Fountaain in the North West of Magiciant and "Use" the Red Weed. The Red Weed will change into a Magic Herb.

    Do this as many times as you like to recieve unlimited Magic Herbs.

    Contributed by: Vivi0198 

  2. Infinite Bottle Rockets

    After getting Loid in your party, return to the Sweet's Factory where you got your first bottle rocket. Now the trash can disperses infinite bottle rockets.

    Contributed by: NessInEagleland 

  3. Avoid enemies easily

    By opening the Menu often out in the field, you will encounter enemies much less often. This is a bug in the game that was removed in future releases such as Mother 1+2.

    Contributed by: baconlabs 

  4. Cheap/Free Hospital Visits

    The doctor charges you half your money currently on you. Just deposit all your money to make him charge you very little to none.

    Contributed by: hookedonphonics 

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