Homefront attempts capture the atmosphere of an occupied America but falls short due to a short campaign and other flaws

Homefront is a First person shooter which attempts to separate itself from the market by offering a realistic portrayal of the future,Homefront is set in the year 2027 during a occupation of a United Korea,you play as a member of the Resistance in a desperate attempt to fight back against your occupiers.

Homefront feels similar to most first person shooters and doesn't really do anything of its own gameplay wise,with the odd memorable moment to spice things up.The campaign will clock in about 4-5 hours for anyone that's familiar with the genre.But Homefront does do one thing well,the setting.

There is simply no other game out that depicts a occupied America and the atmosphere and setting is top notch,the environments look like a typical suburb or a mall with occupation touch.A warehouse may be turned into a military vehicle depot and its interesting to see how people have barricaded their homes and neighbourhoods in a attempt to keep the Koreans out.

It also brought a tear to my eye to see some of the set piece moments as they take full advantage of the game setting and It made me think(Which doesn't happen often with me.)You will also develop a deep hatred for the Koreans and you will want to kill every single one of them(In the game of course).

The multiplayer component is also pretty good,you will level up and unlock new things as you play through,but one interesting feature is the gadgets like combat drones and other futuristic toys which add variety to matches.Instead of unlocking these things through kills you earn them through points.Once you have enough points you can instantly dispose them instantly on the battlefield.
The Good;
*Campaign offers unique setting
*Gritty,dark and depressing view on the occupation separates Homefront from the crowd
*Multiplayer has some cool mechanics
The Bad;
*Short Campaign
* Feels similar to other shooters
Homefront isn't perfect and doesn't have much going for it,but what it does have is a totally unique setting and memorable campaign that wont keep you busy for long but it will be a very memorable,very eye opening and very interesting few hours.